Leo + Dre - Wedding - Marina Village

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Leo + Dre tied the knot on the most popular day of the year, 10-10-10, at one of the most popular places to get married in San Diego - Marina Village. There must have been at least 10 other weddings going on at the Villages, but none were as stunning as Leo + Dre.

Leo + Dre from aimee westcott on Vimeo.



Lauren + Frank - Wedding - Saint Francis Chapel

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

Lauren + Frank tied the knot on October 2nd, 2010. We started the day with some beautiful portraits of Lauren at the SDMA Sculpture Garden in Balboa Park. We then headed over to one of the sweetest little churches, Saint Francis Chapel, for the nuptials. After that, it was off to some fun locations around Balboa Park for some family portraits and some alone time with the lovebirds. 
The party ensued at one of my favorite rooms at the Prado. I was assisted by the very talented and sweet Lauren Nygard. We had so much fun capturing their day.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Lauren + Frank from aimee westcott on Vimeo.

Vendor Love:

Prado: Sally Raissi, sally@pradobalboa.com
Wedding Coordinator: Joan Whalen, info@joanwhalen.com
Florist: Wholesale Florists (Kendra), weddings@sdflowers.com
Hair/Make-up: Jet Rhys Salonjetrhyshair@jetrhys.com
Chapel Contact: Keith Fitzgeraldkfitzgerald@museumofman.org
DJ:Lou Tamagni, tmagproductions@cox.net
Ceremony musician: Anthony Garciaanthony@agarciaguitar.com
Officiant:  Pastor Mike Mitchske, pastormike@cox.net


Jonah - Baby Portrait - San Diego

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

I think one of the most beautiful things I have seen is the love and excitement of first time parents.  Matt + Sarah were so cute with Jonah and each other. Jonah did exceptionally well for his first photo shoot and we got some great stuff. 
Congratulations Matt + Sarah on your sweet handsome guy!


Zoey + Mom + Dad

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at: www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

I recently went south to my homeland - Melbourne Beach. 
While I was there I was able to photograph Lisa and Mike and there newest addition- Zoey.

Zoey has got some cute chub rolls that have made her quite unsteady in the crawling or walking position thus she has had to become very resourceful. For transportation Zoey shifts from one butt cheek to the next in a serpentine motion. She is quite proficient at it and it was hands down one of the cutest things I have ever seen. An amazing tropical storm* cut our photo shoot short and moved it indoors. Luckily with some props and newly painted walls we were still able to get some really cute stuff!

*it never rains in San Diego so I was sooo happy to be able smell the rain and see the beautiful Florida skies light up 

I think this should be the cover of some rad 70's album. 

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