Victoria + Brian - Engagement Session _ San Diego

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Victoria and Brian wanted a vintage theme and feel for their engagement session. They brought along some great hand made props for their Save The Date's. I also got some props from the very talented and artistic Sweet Emilia Jane.  Not only is she an amazing artist, she is also an incredibly giving friend. She took time out of her busy schedule to make the pinwheels and ribbon sticks the day before the shoot. Victoria and Brian, aside from being completely GORGEOUS, were so fun to work with. I am in love with every pic from this shoot. Here are some of my favorites. 


Colleen + Chris - Wedding - San Diego

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at: www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

Colleen + Chris were married in a beautiful ceremony on July 16th at St. Brigid's Church in Pacific Beach. After the nuptials we headed to the reception at Kona Kai. We got so many great shots of this incredibly photogenic couple throughout the day but the last shot of the night is one of my favorite wedding shots of all time. Lauren (my talented assistant) and me grabbed Chris and Colleen for one final portrait before we headed out. Lauren backlit them and I took the following shot,straight out of the camera. Perfection!


Jennifer + Barney - Wedding - Point Loma

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at: www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

Jennifer + Barney were married on July 3rd at North Chapel in Point Loma. This couple has such a cool story. Abby (Barney's sister) is best friends and business partners with Jennifer. Abby not so subtly played match maker and got the sister she always wanted and Jennifer and Barney got each other. It was so heart warming to see the love that Barney's two little girls have for Jennifer and to feel the immense and deep love of all of those that came out to celebrate Jennifer and Barney's big day. We always have fun around these two and their family and were so happy that they chose us to photograph their nuptials. Here are a few of our favorites!!

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