Estella, Quinn & Lucinda - Balboa Park - Children Portraits

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We have had such a busy holiday with many visits from family and friends. Its been great to see everyone and for them to see how amazing Dorian's recovery is going. We had a yummy lunch with Dorian's uncle and cute cousins in Balboa Park and did a quick impromptu photo shoot behind the Prado. Here are a few of my favorites!


Baby Lincoln - San Diego

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at: www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

We moved to San Diego about 5 years ago and were pleasantly surprised to find some old friends from Florida had made their way out West too. Since then many of them have headed back East. One of those people was Mike St. Jean who my husband Dorian, (the other half of captured)has known for over 20 years. He and his wife Sara recently married and now live back in Pensacola, Florida. Nearly 5 months ago they became the proud parents of Lincoln. This handsome guy has cheeks that were made for pinching and eyes that look like clouds. We got the opportunity to photograph and catch up with the St. Jean's on their recent visit.
It was so awesome seeing you guys enjoy the pics!

"My moms a vet and dads a helicopter pilot, how can I not be cool?"

I told you cheeks...seriously

Lincoln is so Rock N Roll look at this tuff guy expression!


Baby Neves...again

This blog has a new home. Check out my latest work at: www.capturedbyaimee.com/blog

I had the privilege of shooting baby Joey at nine days old so when the Neves' invited us over to see their amazing beautiful new deck (that my brother-in-law built) I brought my camera knowing that I could not resist shooting him again. Even though he had been up most of the night this sweet guy woke up smiling.
Thanks Joey I really appreciate it and thanks to Grandma Neves for the great lunch and conversation.

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