In love..with Fuji Instax

I have always loved instant photography. Instant gratification has always held an allure for me. My dad also loved photography so every time I go to Florida & Georgia I peruse his stacks of photos that have been stashed away in boxes, looking to collect some that he shot. I got my own Polaroid camera when I was about 10. Since Polaroid discontinued their instant film its become increasingly expensive and hard to find so when Fuji released their Instax I was sooo happy. I ordered a bunch of film and have been shooting like its 1974.

Carina helping me scout locations for upcoming shoots.
Jaime and me at her YUMMY Christmas brunch!
Dorian's commemorative first beer after THE accident.
Dorian, Artie and me taking the Vanagon out for its second camping excursion to
San Clemente!
Off camera Dorian entertaining the Christmas Crew with his usual witty banter.
Dorian and Ben jamming in the backyard!

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