Chuck & Becky - Engagement Session - Palos Verdes

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Last Sunday we drove up to Palos Verdes to take engagement photo's of Becky and Chuck. We met them at their ceremony site, Wayfarers Chapel, a glass structure overlooking the Pacific Ocean designed by Lloyd Wright. The grounds were amazing and we were so inspired that we started shooting right there. Afterwards, we headed over to Abolone Cove State Park to shoot some more. On the mile hike down to the beach, we learned more about Becky and Chuck. Aside from being a beautiful couple they are warm and genuine and even though we only have known them a short time they already feel like old friends. We could not of agreed with Chuck more, when he said: "We're having a great time."
The day ended with more photos on the electric trolley that runs along the Port of Los Angeles. We're looking forward to more good times at their April wedding!
p.s. Chuck and Becky digging the boot as are my cats!!

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