Trevor & Kristen - Engagement Photo's - Anza Borrego & Salton Sea

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I have the coolest clients!! Kristen and Trevor live in Vegas and are having their destination wedding in San Diego. Within 5 minutes of meeting them I knew that we were going to create some incredible art together. They came all the way from Vegas to shoot at the post apocalyptic landscape that is the Salton Sea. I have been wanting to shoot there for a while and was so excited when I met Kristen and Trevor because they definitely have the right look and feel for the spot. I love their glamour juxtaposed with the ruins of this ecological time bomb.
We shot at Anza Borrego on the way to Sea where I took a giant cactus to the foot. Kristen bravely grabbed the cactus's 3 large spurs that were lodged into my foot and with one swift painless motion removed them (flip flops + desert = bad idea).
Kristen and Trevor are adventurous and literally walked on shattered glass to get the shots. This day was also so awesome because I got to shoot and hang with my friends Cynthia and Henry Chaplin. It was so hard to narrow down the pic.s for this post and adding Henry's amazing shots to the mix made it even harder.
I am soo excited to shoot their upcoming wedding!!


  1. I love it. I like to take random photographs in the middle of the desert, abandoned houses make the best photo- op's. Have you been to Slab City near the Salton Sea? Its quite interesting.

  2. I have not been to slab city yet but want to go really bad...that was my first time out to Saltan Sea and there are so many things to see...next time I plan on camping so we have more time to do everything...I checked out your blogs...congrats on the new puppy soo cute!

  3. This photoshoot is superb! I was also thinking of some new and good ideas for my pre-wedding photoshoot. I am glad I came across this post. I really liked this idea a lot. I have also booked one of the prettiest wedding venues Los Angeles for the celebration.


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